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22 September 2014 @ 03:21 pm

Latest Update: 4th March, 2018
Working on more section expansions, new section added to GAMES - CONSOLES: Hardware & Accessories.
Newest Items: BIOHAZARD Alpha Builds [PS01-02 & PS05] - Alex Wesker Art Print signed by Elaine Hendrix [CU03] - Gun Survivor 2 Arcade Board [AC01]

ご覧になっている日本の方へ いらっしゃいませ! 私はバイパーハザードの管理者「クレア」申します。 私はバイオハザードのコレクターとRTA(スピードゲーム)プレーヤーよ!1998年からバイオコレクターの趣味を楽しんでいます。クレア・レッドフィールドが大好きなキャラです。バイオハザード2が一番好きなゲームですよ。このサイトにあるコレクションでも他国のバイオハザードグッズを見ることができますので、楽しめるとうれしく思います!

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This section is for consoles that have been specifically released for the Biohazard series (as in: limited edition consoles) along with the various hardware accessories released. Accessories can be anything from controllers, to memory cards, to specific additions like console cases, face plates, DS straps, et al.

Somewhat to save my sanity from putting these all into the Official Items category which would bloat that section so badly, they're all here.

If you'd like to find a specific item quickly, please utilise the code issued by the item's name in the index by searching for it with ctrl+f in your browser.

Biohazard CODE: Veronica Dreamcast Limited Box Claire Ver. [HA01]
Deadly Silence DS Binder [HA02]
Deadly Silence S.T.A.R.S. Strap [HA03]
Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Elite Limited Edition [HA04]

Title: Biohazard CODE: Veronica Dreamcast Limited Box Claire Ver. (バイオハザードコード:ベロニカリミテッドボックス クレアVer.) [HA01]
Catalogue: HKT-3000 - Limited Number 0533/1800
Released: 03/02/2000
Retail: 34,800円

Grail: attained.

The Dreamcast Veronica Model, as it is officially denoted on its box. Specially released for CODE: Veronica and the 5th Anniversary of the series as a whole, this limited Dreamcast was one of 1800 produced. The Claire version has a stunning transparent crimson top to the console and controller, with a soft grey solid back. The rarer counterpart to this beauty was a deep blue/purple S.T.A.R.S. limited console which was released the same day but in much smaller numbers: 200 only. It was available for sale for a limited time and came with a copy of the limited edition version of CODE: Veronica, the pre-order metal 'Let Me Live' design plaque with Claire's prisoner ID on it, a Dream Passport 2 for online use, cables and documentation, and a matching controller with VMU.

We know via extensive documentation from Dreamcast enthusiasts that the last 50 models of the Claire Version were sold via Sega's Dreamcast DIRECT service in 2001 - apparently with CODE: Veronica Complete instead of the vanilla release, while the last 30 S.T.A.R.S. versions were given to Famitsu for a giveaway contest.

I worked hard to get this -- they're becoming increasingly harder to find at an affordable price, especially with the lower serial numbers, and I put some of my bonus from work toward this. Slowly but surely I'm getting all the 5th Anniversary items, and I love that most of them are CV based due to its release for the anniversary.

Title: Deadly Silence DS Binder (バイオハザード デッドリーサイレンス DSバインダー) [HA01]
Catalogue: N/A
Released: 09/01/2006
Retail: Not For Sale

This is a really gorgeous DS Binder/Wallet which was made in limited quantities for the Biohazard DS Limited Pack. The binder itself is made of durable, 100% leather, and sports an embossed S.T.A.R.S. logo on the bottom right hand corner of the front. Sadly I lack an original DS to showcase it properly, so my 3DS makes a semi-decent substitute. Obviously, the case is made for the original DS, and only the original DS as all iterations later are just too small for it. A shame, since it would have been cool to pick up a second one of these cases to use practically.

If you'd like to see the pack this originates from, please see item [HH01] on the handheld games page.

Title: Deadly Silence S.T.A.R.S. Strap (バイオハザード デッドリーサイレンス S.T.A.R.S. ストラップ) [HA02]
Catalogue: N/A
Released: 09/01/2006
Retail: Not For Sale

Like the DS Binder, this strap only came as part of the Biohazard DS Limited pack. Since the strap is designed for the original DS, it's got some decent length to it, and is pretty sturdy. My 3DS is again a brilliant example of how big it is, as is a 3DS game case. It's certainly long. The design is simple and designed to go nicely with the leather binder, just sporting the text S.T.A.R.S. and what it means outside of the acronym.

If you'd like to see the pack this originates from, please see item [HH01] on the handheld games page.

Title: Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Elite Limited Edition (レジデント・イービル5 エックスボックス360 エリートリミテッドエディション) [HA03]
Released: 12/03/2009
Retail: $599.00

A gorgeous all-red console that only saw release worldwide as an Elite pack -- this was the only way to get this colour, and so it's always remained tied to the series thanks to that. Being an elite pack the console came with a 120GB HD, a matching red controller, a headset, charging cable, and all required hook up cables.

The console also came with a hard copy of Resident Evil 5.