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Games: Arcade Releases [アーケードのゲーム]

Sega may have stopped at consoles, but their arcade business was booming. The Sega NAOMI board is one of the premier arcade motherboards of the era it was in, coming out with multiple releases and with multiple ROM attachment options it was incredibly versatile for game center operators. The first NAOMI board was released in 1998 alongside the Dreamcast, and more or less used the same architecture but could pump out a lot more graphically thanks to its better FGPA, double the RAM, quadruple the sound RAM, and a faster PowerVR2 graphics chip.

The NAOMI was so successful in revitalising the Arcade scene that it held a long lasting legacy, and was still in use all the way into 2009 because the systems could be stacked via parallel processing for higher graphics output.

If you'd like to find a specific game quickly, please utilise the code issued by the game's name in the index by searching for it with ctrl+f in your browser.


Title: GUN SURVIVOR 2 BIOHAZARD CODE: Veronica (ガンサバイバー2バイオハザードコード:ベロニカ) [AC01]
Catalogue: a025701-219262a
Released: 07/2001
Retail: N/A
Region: NTSC-J
Scans: N/A

Survival Rate: Zero! Escape from a great horror!

Gun Survivor 2 is an offshoot side-story to CODE: Veronica that focuses on Claire's nightmares as she flees Antarctica after the events of the game, complete with a vary large array of BOWs trying to stop her and Steve escaping. It is a rather fun shooter with a solid difficulty and an awesome original soundtrack, and is really under-appreciated for how ambitious a series leap it was by going into arcades not just home consoles.

My GD ROM of GS2 came with a NAOMI original, both of which are tested and working, and NAMCO PCB for controller input complete with a custom wired controller and button guide for operation. At the time of writing I just need to acquire my own PCU I/O and a few other components to have it able to be plug-and-play ready, which is going to be quite fun honestly. And, frankly, is a lot more easy to handle and store than a 330kg cabinet with dual CRTs.

The arcade version of this game saw release in Japan, with a very limited release of (non-translated) machines in Europe, and later NTSC-J and PAL PS2 ports.

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