January 11th, 2019

Biohazard: Walküre

Album Release: Biohazard 2 Missing Track Collection

Composer: Masami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama, Syun Nishigaki
System: Playstation
Year: 1998
Tracks: 14
Format: MP3 (192kbps)

1. Dead Factory
2. Skytram Reunion
3. Emergency On The Platform Lift
4. Final Destination
5. You’re Alive
6. Last Chance
7. The Daredevil Four
8. Your Mission
9. Set About The Mission
10. Under The Cover of Darkness
12. Long and Gloomy Underground Passageway
13. We Will Never Die
14. Find the Final One!
15. Dawn Never Fails to Come

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Complete Track, as the title infers, was supposed to give us the remaining supplemental tracks that weren’t on the original soundtrack. At 42 tracks however it came short, missing 6 pieces used in the main game.

Whilst the last 8 tracks in this compilation technically saw release on the Complete Track album, they were all arrangement versions that weren’t done on hardware with the sound-library for Biohazard 2, making them sound quite different/polished compared to the hardware-generated versions heard in game.