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Squee Post: 15th Anniversary Goods [Wave 1]

Aaah! So, as you all may or may-not know, Biohazard turned 15 this year, and with each new anniversary, comes a wave of new merchandise. Lots of merchandise! So much they keep updating the e-Capcom JP store with more, while my wallet sobs into sweet submission. With the help of my very kind friend denkimouse, I'm enjoying being able to get the goods as they come out instead of trying to scrounge for them later like I did the 10th anniversary. While 'Wave 1' of the goods is very small, especially in comparison with the order(s) in June/July, it's still an exciting start to it all.

So, welcome to the very first viperhazard squee post! Some of the photos I've got up are ready to go for the main catalogues (the apparel section I can't actually get underway until I get more paid time on viperhazard here to give us the side-menu options for it) while others are general... squee-ly ones.

Like I said, wave 1 is only seeing the very start of the run happen. Most of the merch coming out for the anniversary is in the summer months, but the first merch piece I was extremely excited for when it was announced was a part of the first wave. So after much um-ing and ah-ing, I bit the bullet and got in touch with Gin to start getting my hands on these gorgeous things while we could, while it was much easier to. I'm glad I'm doing it, because the thrill of it is certainly enthralling. Let's take a closer look at some of the goods for this round:

Biohazard S.T.A.R.S. Wappen (バイオハザード S.T.A.R.S.ワッペン)
Biohazard R.P.D. Wappen (バイオハザード R.P.D.ワッペン)
Wappen are iron on patches, and these are really nice ones. Yeah, I know, lots of places have done iron on patches for the series, but I've never gotten my hands on any of those since the chains that did them are in the US only (not to mention I couldn't gauge the quality at all.) Both of these are really nicely put together, with really gorgeous embroidery work. I am especially intrigued by the stars on the S.T.A.R.S. one, but I just like things that are shiny/catch the light well. Perhaps if they're still around later on I might order some more so I can use some, but these two babies are for my collection alone.


Biohazard S.T.A.R.S. Front Logo T-Shirt (バイオハザード S.T.A.R.S. FRONT LOGO Tシャツ)
Biohazard Umbrella Caution T-Shirt (バイオハザード Umbrella CAUTION Tシャツ)
I'm a T-Shirt fiend, and while I won't be wearing these guys, I still get a thrill out of snagging good tees. This shirt came in both navy and white, but given I'm only going for one print of each design, I've gone for the nice, RPD-esque navy blue. The second shirt had me laughing as soon as I had it in hand. The back features a really neat 'glowing' biohazard sign and the fabulous engrish "NOT EXISTING AN EFFECTIVE CURE", but the front really takes the cake. Over on the left we've got the Umbrella logo, with a fantastic company pledge which is riddled with typos and terrible kerning. I just had to take a photo of it because it's truly hilarious. Good job, Capcom. Good job. ♥


biohazard SOUND CHRONICLE II BEST TRACK COLLECTION (バイオハザード サウンド コロニカル II ベストトラック コレクション)
A..ah. Where to start on this. Music is probably the biggest thing in Biohazard for me. To me, it sometimes really helps to make the game that 100% wholly amazing experience, and I've listened to so much of it in my life. The second edition to the Sound Chronicle family brings a slew of great tracks. The box contains six discs, starting with The Umbrella Chronicles on D1, The Darkside Chronicles on D2 and D3, Biohazard 5 Best Track Collection on D4 and D5, with D6 rounding it off nicely with Alternate Edition + Mercenaries 3D. While I haven't had a chance to listen to the Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles discs issued in the box (judging by the track lists, they're simply direct reissues), I've been enjoying the Bio5 Best Track, Alternate Edition, and Mercs 3D tracks immensely.

Unlike the original run of Bio5's OST, the Best Track collection contains some extra digital variants on pieces, such as Pray, which originally only had the orchestral pieces on the main OST, which then makes up for the original versions we were given on the Select Track disc (and vise-versa.) Between these three releases, and the Alternate Edition select tracks, we've nearly got a 100% soundtrack for the 5th game.

All the Mercenaries 3D stuff is just... gwuh. Gorgeous. It takes a lot for a song to give me itchy thumbs, but most of them do it for me, and it's going to make it much harder to deal with the wait I'll have before I get to play the game. Totally an OST that people should pick up now, while it's cheap and current, as much like the first I forsee this not lasting for long on the market and disappearing for a few years to accumulate value (luckily, the first Sound Chronicles was reissued for this anniversary, as well.)

For now, time for me to sit back, relax, and enjoy some more gorgeous tunes from Sound Chronicles II.
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