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Squee Post: Mr. Crow

Another Squee Post! This time, since many of the 15th Anniversary goods have been delayed into next month thus I've not ordered via my friend yet, I've got a very, very special addition to the collection. He's one of a kind, utterly precious, and quite dapper, and even came with his own food supply should he ever get hungry ;) I've been thinking of getting a whole range of custom, OOAK plush done for my Bioahzard collection, and between that, a sudden urge to start it with one of my personal favourites, and junoluver having a custom slot open just was too perfect an opportunity to pass up...

I had to free him first from his plastic confines. He was really well packaged, and I'm really glad he ended up coming in a priority mail box since he's now here in time for me to take him to Japan with me.

Meet Mr. Crow. Why "Mr. Crow"? It was just the nickname he ended up getting when I saw his little face take shape. He's a commission from junoluver, whom really lovingly crafted this guy. He was a learning experience for her, as well as an utter joy for me to watch take shape. Mr. Crow is also the name for the site mascot, so this works in two ways.

She even sent him with a note hoping he'll enjoy his new home. With the assortment of other virus infected creatures around here I'm sure he'll fit in ;)

junoluver was really enamoured with the reference shot I sent through from the Biohazard 2 artworks of the Crow standing on a severed hand, so she actually made a severed hand to go with Mr. Crow. It's got amazing detail, from correct bones, to chipped and cracked fingernails. The minky is stained with a tea/coffee-staining technique to get that grotesque pallor of zombified flesh. I was content with having just Mr. Crow done, but this finishing touch accessory I think really seals the deal for me, and is why I can call this guy perfect.

In addition to having glossy, bright red eyes, Mr. Crow sports some torn flesh in his beak. Om nom nom.

And since the meat is the perfect match to the inside of the arm... Now you can see why these two are just perfect.

To add even more amazing touches to Mr. Crow, junoluver made a blood concoction to stain and blot some of his feathers with. So his chest, as well as his wings have some splotching from his eating endeavours.

But the best part is how much character this little guy has. With the angle his head is on, no matter how you view the plush, the plush will always look at you. Mr. Crow is forever watching...

He also has wiring in his legs, so he can completely free stand. This shot is pretty good at showing off that fact.

Gotta love the crows. I've always loved crows, in real life and in the games, so really... perfect.

I've taken a video of Mr. Crow, as well, to better show him off as I feel photos do not do this guy justice at all. Even the video doesn't imo! But it's better than nothing:

A big thank you again to junoluver for her amazing work. You can check out other plushes and artwork by her at her Deviantart. I need to sort out some photos for Mr. Crow so he can be officially added into my merchandise catalogue for ViperHazard. The first, of what will one day hopefully be many, one of a kind additions to put my Customs section to good use!
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