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12 May 2010 @ 05:23 pm
Games: Nintendo 64 Releases [ニンテンドー64のゲーム]  

The Nintendo 64. A quite successful console in Japan and worldwide despite competing with the surprise mega-giant that was the Sony Playstation. It sold over 30 million units worldwide and was cherished immensely in the Americas which account for 20 million sales alone. It was originally released in 1996 in Japan, and saw a reign of 7 years. The system was discontinued in 2003.

Just like the Saturn page, it feels almost, ALMOST overkill to have an entire section to just two releases, but the Nintendo 64 port of Biohazard 2 was a technical marvel all of its own. Flawed? Yes, but the PS one was as well in its own rights. The port was handled by Angel Studios, which is now part of Rockstar San-Diego, in combination with Capcom Production Studio 3 and Factor 5. A timeframe of 12 months and 19 people overall assisting with the task of compressing two full CDs worth of data into a N64 Cassette, or Cartridge as they're called in the West.

The special engine for this port spurred the development of Biohazard 0 onto the system, which ultimately got shelved when they realised the game couldn't fit on a single cassette, only seeing the project renewed with the GameCube's release.

If you'd like to find a specific game quickly, please utilise the code issued by the game's name in the index by searching for it with ctrl+f in your browser.

Resident Evil 2 [RY02]

Title: BIOHAZARD 2 (バイオハザード2) [RY01]
Released: 28/01/2000
Region: NTSC-J

A marvel and a trainwreck, all at once. The port of Bio2 on N64 certainly is its own technical achievement, but it was so heavily constricted that it suffered as a result. The music alone from the game is heavily altered in some instances because samples are bitcrushed to hell and back depsite them stating they'd achieved higher quality than the PlayStation, and some of the ambience as a result is more unnerving than the original release. Because the sound was encoded in Dolby, however, they are in full surround.

This port also sported some of its own unique features, such as EX files, blood colour/violence setting changes, and an item randomiser. Back before they were cool and everything.

Title: Resident Evil 2 (レジデントイービル 2) [SS02]
Released: 31/10/1999
Region: NTSC-U

As above, except: in English! Though, this does notably have some hilariously bad typos in the EX files likely as a result in the time crush they had to get this game out.

I ended up picking up an NTSC-U copy of this game, because the PAL release is notoriously difficult to find, and when you do it often comes with a VERY steep price. Maybe one day I'll replace my NTSC-U one, but until then its my only English copy of this port.