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Biohazard Queen

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VIPERHAZARD: The BioHazard Queen
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A BioHazard / Resident Evil Collection

Hi! This is the community for viperfox's BioHazard/Resident Evil Collection.

If you're interested in seeing my collection, make sure to watch the community for regular updates. Posting is restricted to only myself, as the administrator, but comments are a free for all so you can have a chat about certain items in my collection. Feel free to watch, comment, and enjoy! Share the link around to other enthusiasts! We're all lovers of the series here, and to share it is the goal.

I've been an enthusiast of the BioHazard series (better known as Resident Evil outside of Japan) since the first game came out in 1996. I was only 8 when I first played it with my older sister, we'd hired it from the local video store for a night in on Saturday. We got hooked. The game was frightening, cheesy, intriguing, and best of all: fun. I was the first to beat the game in Easter of 1998, and then as soon as we had finished it, the second game came about and was bigger and better than the first. My sister moved on in time, I was hooked for life though.

I began collecting the games, setting myself a strict rule when it came to getting them: one english copy of each platform (PAL region only, unless there was no PAL release issued), and one japanese copy of each platform. This meant that in cases like the PS2 releases, I'd try and get the best version I could get my hands on (i.e.: CODE:Veronica Kanzeban in Japan has around 4 releases, I've picked up the version which included a soundtrack, rather than a value pack version which came with Bio4). Eventually game collecting turned into soundtrack collecting, into figures, and all sorts of things.

BioHazard is part of my life, a series in which I can appreciate and collect the merchandise as well as play and grow with the characters. While the collecting community for BioHazard isn't as large as, say, Pokemon or other large franchises, those of us who do collect tend to stick together.

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